Soft skills Training

Business Communication
OUTLINE: Process of Communication, Importance of Communication, Communication and Organizations, Components of Communication- Visual, Verbal and Vocal, Para- verbal skills, Choice of words and Accuracy of language

AREA OF APPLICATION: Sales team, any customer interacting teams, new managers, MBA students

Communication Skills
OUTLINE: Process of Communication, Importance of Communication, Communication and Organizations, Communication flow, Nonverbal communication, Barriers in communication

AREA OF APPLICATION: Teams moving to next level looking to improve internal communication, CRM team, Finishing school students

Motivational Training
OUTLINE: Need for motivation, Benefits, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Need and process theory, Techniques of Motivation

AREA OF APPLICATION: A demotivated and unproductive Team, New recruits induction, New Managers and Students

Interpersonal Skills
OUTLINE: Major Interpersonal Communication Styles, Impact on Interactions, Listening skills, Matching and Mirroring techniques

AREA OF APPLICATION: A demotivated and unproductive Team, Disputed and uncooperative work force, New recruit’s induction and MBA Students

Selling Skills
OUTLINE: Basics of selling, The stages of selling, reasons why people buy or don’t buy a product, Managing First Impressions

AREA OF APPLICATION: Front line sales team, Business development team, induction for sales executives and MBA students

Marketing Skills
OUTLINE: Marketing and the Organization, Concepts of Marketing, Communication with the customer, Marketing Environment, Marketing Goals, 4 Ps of Marketing, Recognize marketing mistakes

AREA OF APPLICATION: Sales Managers, Marketing group, Promotions and events team, MBA students

Stress Management
OUTLINE: Understanding stress, Science and the mechanism of stress, overview of the impact stress has on the individual, Understanding various factors that contribute to stress, Link between stress and the personality of an individuals, Tips and Techniques

AREA OF APPLICATION: Any teams which are under high stress and underperforming teams who are stressed out

Personal Productivity
OUTLINE: Motivation factors, Time management, Leadership skills and goal setting.

AREA OF APPLICATION: New recruit’s induction, Low performance individuals and team, Newly elevated roles.

Customer Relationship Management
OUTLINE: Fundamental Definitions, Moment of Truth, Professionalism in Customer Service, Understanding Customer Feelings and Needs, Describe the reason for Customer Complaints, Define Customer Complaints, Technique to handle customer complaints, Critical role of CRM, Techniques involved in CRM, Transformation cycle from Customer satisfaction to Customer delight, The Power of Feedback

AREA OF APPLICATION: Sales Team, Business Development Team, Service and relationship personal and MBA students

Time Management
OUTLINE: Quiz and Facts, Time Exercise, Realizing the value of time, 4 rules of time, smart goals, major time wasters, Tools and Techniques

AREA OF APPLICATION: Production team, Sales team, Logistics & Supply chain team, New recruit’s induction, MBA students, New Managers

Team Building
OUTLINE: Understanding time, Rules of TM , Tools and techniques of TM, Major Time wasters, Parento’s principle , Efficiency and Effectiveness of TM.

AREA OF APPLICATION: Team building can be clubbed with other modules to enhance productivity, sales, leadership and interpersonal relationship in any vertical.

Business Etiquettes
OUTLINE: Enhancing Verbal Aspects of Communication, mail Etiquette and Common errors, Answering and making business calls, Grooming and dressing etiquette.

AREA OF APPLICATION: New Managers, Telecalling and business development, any team to improvise CRM, College students and new recruits

Health and Wellbeing
OUTLINE: Importance of living a healthy life, mindful eating, de stress and work life balance, preparation for retirement and life after.

AREA OF APPLICATION: High stressed Senior group work force, Preparing a retiring employee/employees

Presentation Skills
OUTLINE: Delivering presentations, Hard and Soft skills of presentation, Voice and Body control, First Impressions and Preparation

AREA OF APPLICATION: Sales and marketing team, Product development team, New managers, new recruits and college students.

Change Leader /Leadership Skills
OUTLINE: Meaning of Leadership, Components of Leadership, Trait Approach, Situational Approach, Behavioral Approach, Difference between leadership and management, various styles of leadership

AREA OF APPLICATION: New managers, Sr Managers in transition, New recruits and college students

New Manager Skills
OUTLINE: Roles and responsibilities of a manager, Interpersonal, Decisional and Informational, Need for change, Extended Role, Overview of key learning’s,

AREA OF APPLICATION: Transitional stage for senior level executives

Organization Behavior
OUTLINE: Evolution of Management Theory, Meaning of OB, Systems Perspective, Contingency Perspective, Impact of Organizational Behavior on Effectiveness.

AREA OF APPLICATION: New Managers, Leadership level training team and Sr Executives in transit.

• Organization culture
OUTLINE: Evolution of Management Theory, Different Organisation Structures that are prevalent, Organisational Structure, Power Structure, Symbols, Rituals and Routines

AREA OF APPLICATION: New Managers, New recruits induction, Teams who work in multiple locations and travel to branches.

Conflict Management
OUTLINE: Understanding Conflict, Causes for Conflict at work, Different Styles of Managing Conflict,IBR Model,Relative Advantages and Disadvantages and Using Conflict Management Tools

AREA OF APPLICATION: Cross functional teams, Team heads/ leaders, Sr Managers

Finishing School ( Skills for students
OUTLINE: The differences and similarities between academic and corporate life, Professional Dressing and Grooming for Men and Women, Icebreakers, Handshakes, Effective communication, 3 V’s of Communication, Business Card Etiquette and Interview attending skills

AREA OF APPLICATION: final year Graduates and Post graduates of technical or non-technical colleges

Employee Motivation
OUTLINE: Meaning of Motivation, Benefits of Motivation, Needs and Process Theories, Techniques of Motivation

AREA OF APPLICATION: Teams which are demotivated on the background of any issues, teams which are underperforming

Cross Cultural Sensitization
OUTLINE: Professionalism Across Cultures, Communication Dynamics, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Gender in work place, Dimensions of cognition.

AREA OF APPLICATION: Orientation for onsite migrants, MNCs with expats employees in work place.

Decision Making Skills
OUTLINE: Strategic Decision Making Dynamics, Decision Making Process, Components of decision making process.

AREA OF APPLICATION: Leadership level, Transition from manger to higher level, New management recruits